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We Live in Your Neighborhood, and Speak Your Language

Yes, in over 12 languages our doctors, nurses, international aides and volunteers can provide compassionate end-of-life care and comfort. Our talented staff also offers nonverbal communication skills that translate in any language, including listening and spiritual support. We also provide bereavement counseling for extended family (in different languages) during the weeks after a passing.

We gladly help manage your loved one’s pain and reduce your family’s anxiety during this emotionally packed and heartbreaking period of time.

— We even have specialized teams and clinicians who understand foreign languages from Spanish, Russian and Korean to Cantonese to Tagalog and the cultures they represent.

— We also offer assisted living communities and residential care facilities – but we know you’re your family’s choice is to bring your loved one home to rest in peace.

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US M Hospice, Inc.
Phone: 818-761-2721 Fax: 818-761-1685
7040 Hayvenhurst Ave. Suite 201
Van Nuys, CA 91406

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US M Hospice, Inc.
Phone: 661-313-7318
42601 8th st
W Lancaster, CA 93534