Benefits of Hospice

The Many Benefits of Hospice Care for Your Family:

Nothing is more important to us than creating the Right Custom Care for your loved ones in your time of need:

* The Medicare Hospice Benefit consists of two 90-day benefit periods followed by an unlimited number of 60-day benefit periods. Each benefit period requires medical certification of the life-limiting illness at the beginning of the period.

* The Medicare Hospice Benefit covers the cost of hospice care and service for every medically certified benefit period regardless of the patient’s length of stay in the hospice program.

These services are generally included in your hospice plan of care and covered by Medicare Hospice Benefits:

* Nurses and hospice aides who are specially trained in pain management.

* Social work and counseling services to provide emotional support for you and your family

* Temporary respite care at approved facilities and 24-hour medical services

*  Trustworthy medical equipment (including but not limited to oxygen, shower chair, hospital bed, walker, etc.)

* Medical supplies (bandaged, for instance) and prescription medications

* Physical, occupational or speech therapy

Our compassionate hospice representative is happy to discuss your customized family needs and all your option: